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Workshop Botanical Illustration with Watercolor


In this workshop you will create your own botanical illustration with watercolor. No experience needed! You will learn how to use different watercolor techniques to translate a flower or plant to paper.
The workshop takes place in the beautiful space of Naomi Haar Atelier in Haarlem.

Location: Naomi Haar Atelier in Haarlem
Date and time: .. .. from 19:30 till 22:00
Price: €37 incl. VAT
This includes all materials plus coffee and tea.

To sign up contact me via the contact sheet below.

Botanical Illustration

Dive into the inspiring world of flowers and plants! In 10 lessons you will learn how to observe and translate them to paper. We will emphasize different techniques and materials, like pencil, fineliner, watercolor, gouache or a combination, and pay attention to the use of color and composition.

C. in Hoofddorp

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